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40 weeks white mucus

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The Birth Teacher: Mucous Plug: Not for.

20.04.2009  OK listen up people! This blog might just make you weak in the knees, so be warned! Since you are obviously still reading, (unless you just skipped over
I have coughing spells which last 5-10 mins d/t not being able to get the mucus up and out. I can constantly feel accumulation of mucus in my airway and upper chest.
Back in October, I started noticing "white stuff" in my stools, sometimes with a little yellow if I looked closer. I had never experienced this and at first I
How long after you lose your mucus plug does it usually take for labor to start? I went to the hospital this morning after finding a bit of a bloody mess and they

Mucus plug - Pregnancy Nutrition &.
I am 40 yrs old, I randomely start coughing with the itching /(irritation in the throat) and it produces white clear ,foamy and salty mucus simultaniously running

  • Intermitant Caugh with white clear, foamy.

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    40 weeks white mucus

    40 weeks and 4 days pregnant... question.

    34 weeks pregnant... Mucus Plug?.

    HI, I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Yesterday afternoon, I went to use the bathroom and I wiped and there was a jelly clear string I was wondering if it could be my Mucus Plug.
    i am 17, and have had vaginal mucus discharge for years IS THIS NORMAL?!?! - i have it throughout the day, it is basically the consistency of mucus: clear/cloudy

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    28.02.2008  Best Answer: Hi, Bloody show is bright red, and an indication that the cervix is opening. The white creamy discharge is just that - a healthy, discharge

    40 weeks white mucus

    Unexplained white and yellow mucus in.
    chest congestion white mucus - MedHelp

    Mucus In Throat .